Step-by-Step Guide

Easy step-by-step guide

Art Making - Getting Started

1. Listen to the video guide.

Inside the video, I’ll talk you through why this activity is so valuable and how you can adapt it to meet your abilities and interests.

2. Print out copies of a favourite drawing.

Look at the images available and choose one or two that interest you. You can choose the same image or two different ones. Then, print two copies for each of you will take the pressure off of any mistakes. You can easily just start again without any hesitation.

3. Find a solid surface that you can work on. 

Yes, you can work at a table to start, but ideally, you want to be able to take this with you so you can work in other comfortable spaces. 

You'll want to find a hard back book, a piece of cardboard or a small board that you can clip art sheets to in the future. This activity will work best it's portable.

4. Unpack your coloured pens or pencils and lay them out on the table.

Before you start, take a moment to choose the colours you want to use for your image. Put the rest away. If this is the first time you're trying something like this, choose 5 or 6 colours.

If you're using coloured pens, consider keeping the pens caps in a small dish and the pens in a small glass.

5. Work side by side.

Set aside some time to work shoulder-to-shoulder - about twenty minutes. Talk about what you see, what ideas you have, where you might start. If there is hesitation to begin, try just making a mark somewhere on the sheet or begin together. 

If you’re able to dive right in, enjoy the focus and quiet together. But it may also take some time to get used to this experience, then you can also talk about what the image reminds you of. The birds and butterflies are American but very similar to British species. How are the same or different?

6. Explore.

This is not a time for judgment, criticism, or perfectionism. This is a time to explore and become familiar with the tools. Notice what works and what doesn’t – use this information to adapt and turn this into a useful activity you can turn to again in the future. 

7. Finish on a positive note.

After twenty minutes, stop. If this is has been a pleasant time, get up, move around and talk about when you can go back to do it again. You'll find it easy to work for longer as time goes by.