Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access the materials posted in the past?

Yes, you'll have access to all the materials for the entire 13 weeks.

Can I access the scheduled materials for the future?

Not this time, many of the modules are still under development.

Where can I get the materials for each week?

I'll try to make sure that you have advance notice if you need materials in advance. At the moment, I'm trying to ensure the materials are available which is proving difficult at the moment.

Why is there a fee to participate?

Because of the unexpected nature of this change and the physical distancing in place, Edye is financing the technology and resources privately rather than through Dementia Compass. The fees pay for the technology and resources to make these materials available to you.

Is there a reward for referring others to the programme?

Yes, there is a reward if you recommend someone and they participate into the programme. It will change for every recommendation and will be posted to your physical address.

What if I want to discontinue?

You're welcome to step away at anytime.

Can I get a refund?

No. The first two weeks are free for you to test the programme. If the activities are not meeting your needs, I would rather adapt them for you specifically than for you to step away.

Where can I send feedback?

Feedback is very welcome. You can reach Edye on 07876 350 638 or [email protected]