How Elevate works

Join us for an on-line poetry and reading group. We'll meet weekly for live readings via Zoom, an on-line meeting software and then a recorded version will be made available within this programme for viewing later.

You may have heard that music is beneficial, even magical, when it comes to dementia. It's true, music engages in a way to many people find stimulating, soothing and engaging. It can even synchronised people's heart beats. Of course, music can bring people together.

Poetry and reading have the same effect and in many ways can be more engaging using the rhythm, rhyme, and evocative choice of words can highlight cognitive abilities that often sit in the background but can be powerfully engaging when shared with others. It's why I hold it in high regard and have hosted poetry groups for almost 15 years.

Each week, you will be invited to join a live poetry reading. After the reading, you'll be able to download the poems shared, and access a recorded version for viewing later. If you have a poem to share, you are welcome to read it to the group or nominate someone else to read it for you.

Elevate is a weekly live poetry and reading group. It is co-hosted by several readers who will share their favourite poems and short passages in a live video on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone.

How do I access the videos live?

We are using software called Zoom to host each session. You will need to register an email address and password, and then a code to access our sessions. You can set this up or a family member can. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Is it appropriate for an individual with cognitive impairment?

Yes, these are evocative poems that have been curated to grab someone's attention. Often, the poems are known to you the audience and can be recited 'by heart'.

Can we contribute?

Yes, the first two weeks will be a bit of a test to see how we can ensure good listening and welcome comments or sharing. If you have a poem or passage you would like to contribute, you're welcome to read it live or share it with us in advance for us to read.

How long are the sessions?

The weekly sessions will last 40 minutes. So make a cuppa and settle in for a lovely break.

The last session was really good, can we listen to it again?

Absolutely. They're designed to be listened to again and again. You'll also receive printable poems for you to review together and share with family.